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Party Catering Sydney: Things To Consider When Hiring A Caterer

Whether you are getting married, hosting a corporate event or holding private functions, getting the best party catering Sydney is essential. With a ton of options available, you need to find a caterer that will serve food people will remember your event for.

How to find the best caterer in Sydney?

Know Your Best Options

Before making a decision, you need to shop for the best catering deal possible. Food caterers will vary in price, services and set of food they serve.

You can start by asking for referrals from family or friends. Perhaps the best recommendations you can get are from people you love and trust.

You can also browse through different websites of companies offering party catering Sydney. Check out their profiles, prices, and testimonials. Of course, don’t forget to check out their menus. Be it a finger food catering Sydney or a full-service caterer, make sure the caterer serves food that you and your guests will love.


Food Options

You can book a party catering Sydney for a sit-down dinner or you can also hire one for a buffet style feast. The former requires wait staff and is the most expensive of all the options while the latter requires smaller staff and allows for more food choices.

With buffet style catering services, you can have several food stations such as a salad station, meat carving station, seafood table, and a dessert bar.

You can also have a family-style service where big dishes are served for sharing on tables.


The menu may look good on the company’s portfolio, but pay attention to the small details. Inquire where the caterer shops for ingredients. Find out if they use local and fresh produce and meat or do they use ready to use mixes or if they use frozen goods.

You can also ask where the party catering Sydney company prepares it food. Small caterers might prepare food at home while more established caterers may have a facility where they cook the dishes to be served. These details are crucial because improper food handling and preparation may result in your guests getting ill.

Taste Testing

Before signing a contract, you should go for a taste testing session with the caterer. If the caterer does not do this, ask if you can order a sample meal so you can make an informed decision whether to hire them or look for another caterer.


Special Requests

When hosting events, you need to take into consideration the needs of all of your guests. If there will be kids, then you need to make sure you have that special menu that they will enjoy. You also have to take into consideration if there will be vegetarians or people who follow a special diet because of certain medical conditions.

You can also ask the caterer if they are open to suggestions. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions and try to work closely to come up with the best food options and service for your event.

If you want some drinks during your event, you need to ask the caterer if they are licensed to serve alcohol. If there will be bartenders available, you can also find out what kind of mixes can they come up with.